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Commute an Unjust Sentence for a Dialysis Patient

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There are many wrongs perpetuated by those in authority in government and law enforcement.  This may be your only opportunity to help right a grave injustice perpetuated against a young person of color in New York City.

Aaron grew up in a single parent home.  His father deserted the family when his mother was 3 month pregnant with his 5th child.  His mother did alterations and dressmaking in her basement to feed and clothes her five children at night, while working a full time job and going to school in the daytime. She made every attempt to give her children everything she had and more.  She is a God fearing woman and exposed them to positive things. Unfortunately, Aaron fell victim to the pitfalls that most kids of this generation fall to and it finally caught up to him. In 1997 he was arrested and charged with driving the getaway car in a robbery.   

His mother was not able to afford a competent attorney to defend him in court.  After a jury trial which consisted of 12 people, 10 of which did not look like him, he was found guilty.  The judge gave him 3 consecutive 25 years to life sentences on each count, for a crime where no one was mortally wounded. We are sure that if he was any other ethnicity he would not have been sentenced so severely.  There is no doubt that one should be held accountable for his actions, but to this extent is not only a travesty, but an abuse of authority.  The judge himself said during Aaron's sentencing that we have no clear idea who committed this crime because the assailants were wearing masks, and then proceeded to hand down the most severe sentence allowed by law.

 Aaron Boone is a good son and father, whose poor decision making, landed him in a nearly impossible situation to get out of.  He has 2 children and one grandchild to which he sends every dollar he makes. In the last 20 years Aaron's children has been forced to grow up without their father.  His youngest daughter is about to graduate from college with a degree in Criminal Justice.  Her goal is to fight for her father and to try to get him released.  However, Aaron may not survive long enough for her to finish law school.  He suffers from kidney disease, which started since he was incarcerated. He went in a healthy young man. Now he is a sick middle aged adult.

You see, in 2012 while Aaron was housed at Greenhaven Correctional Facility he contracted kidney disease from contaminated water.  He was sent out for a biopsy and upon return almost died in his cell when the Correction Officer refused to get  help for him when he complained about being in excruciating pain.  When they finally got to him he was so sick he had to be rushed to the hospital where he spent many days and was diagnosed with kidney failure and placed on dialysis.  Aaron has served 20 years. He now has a terminal illness which has added an extra burden on the taxpayer.  Aaron is intelligent and has an above average IQ of 139. He realized that he made a terrible mistake that hurt not only himself, but his family and everyone involved.  He wants to make amends from his wrong doing and prove that he can be a credit to society by affecting the lives of at risk youth.  If he can be released his family can care for him. He may be able to get a kidney and he can make some positive contributions to society.  He has a year of college.  His desire is to finish college and publish children books. 

He was young and dumb, like a lot of young men. He is deserving of a chance to try to make amends for his mistakes.  As his family we are begging you to give him that chance.  Please commute the sentence of Aaron Boone 00A2433, Elmira Correctional Facility,New York 

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