Bring back the Death Penalty in New York

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Bring back capital punishment for violent criminals that brutally rape people and become a serial rapist, also resulting in their suicide, nearly 2/3 of rapes, are not reported to law enforcement.  And, for criminals that beat babies, raping them, putting them on life support with a skull crushed, and they will never get to live a normal life because they will die once taken off life support. Emmaleigh Barringer, she was a baby down in West Virginia. She was brutally beaten, raped, and sexually assaulted until her skull was crushed. Days later, she was declared brain dead while on life support. The machines were eventually switched off. Her murderer, Benjamin Taylor is facing charges of First-Degree Murder, Felony Murder, First-Degree sexual assault and sexual abuse by guardian.

Slavery, Kidnapping, and torturing innocent people for hours, or for days or weeks, serial killers, murder of a police officer(s), Judges, or a member of the jury, or a witness that's testifying, including the murder of any government official (state or federal). For example, when the Rochester Police Chief was brutally murdered in cold blood, the punishment the suspect gets is life in prison without the possibility of parole. It gives him the chance to do this to other inmates, prison guards, and escapes to kill more people and will be hard to catch this time, while the suspect is on a rampage killing innocent people, around 20-30, he still doesn't get the punishment that's deserved. Lives will be saved and the public will be protected from violent criminals. The New York Times reported this January 24, 2016 "Late last year, a Brooklyn judge sentenced a 26-year-old man, Dexter Bell, to a minimum prison term of 100 years for raping four women in the course of one week during the spring of 2013. In each instance, Mr. Bell had approached his victim in late afternoon or early evening, briefly initiating conversation before dragging her into an alleyway or stairwell and waging his assault. The B12 bus route between Crown Heights and Canarsie was a preferred corridor for his predations; his youngest victim was 15." What is really disturbing is that his last victim was a 15 year old. And, gets a 100 year prison term, really? He gets the chance to do it again in prison and could escape and harm the public. This guy deserves the needle, to save lives and protect the public. As of August 8, 2016 rape increased 40%. 40%!! And, is still on the rise! This brutal and horrible murder was committed by the son of the mother, as he brutally killed his mother and sister with an ax, New York Times reported, also reporting this as well:

They were killed with an ax, but they were also stabbed in various places with a butcher-knife.

We saw the bodies after they had been laid out, and hope never to see another such sight. The mother's face was cut in two with a powerful blow from the ax, which divided the nose, crosswise, and out open the face entirely across, crashing through the bones of the upper jaw and cheeks. Over the right eye was another gash from the ax, sinking through the skull and into the brain; and there was another which cut open the side and back of the head, and also a great gash near the right temple. Besides these wounds, there were others made by a butcher-knife -- one through the lower part of the chin, the blade penetrating deep into the throat; one deep into the right breast; and another deep one in the left breast.

ELLA, the daughter, presented a still more shocking sight. Her right eye was entirely gone. The ax had cut a terrible gash across the brow, eye and cheek, evidently at one blow, letting out all of the eye, breaking in the skull, and cleaving down to the cheek-bone. Above the right eye, near the top of the forehead, was another fearful gash from the ax, sinking in to the brain; and she was stabbed through the bosom with the butcher-knife. This kid is a serial killer, as I hate to say it, but in this case, he deserves the needle. The public needs protected from serial killers like him.

Please bring back capital punishment for these cases: brutal rape (serial rapist). brutal murder (serial killer), murder of a police officer(s), judges, jury members, or witness that's testifying. To protect the public.

Please, police officer(s) put there lives on the line each and every day, it's about time we protect them back, by giving the people that kill them a death penalty sentence, not a life sentence without parole. Please bring back capital punishment, thank you.

Here is an example why officers should be protected by people killing them a death sentence. A state trooper was fatally shot and killed, another one was put in critical condition in Pike County, Pennsylvania. The killer was arrested, charged, convicted, sentenced to death. Bringing the slain troopers family closure, the same thing needs to happen, that's why most states have the death penalty protecting there officers and citizens, it's about time New York and the other 17 states that banned it to do the same.

Here is a link for when Officer Singh was gunned down for stopping an illegal immigrant:

Here is a link that details what happened in depth to Emmaleigh Barringer down in West Virginia:

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