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Appoint a Special Prosecutor to Seek Justice for Eric Garner

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On December 3, 2014 a grand jury of Staten Island, NY voted not to indict Office Daniel Pantaleo for the killing of Eric Garner despite overwhelming evidence that Pantaleo's actions directly contributed to Mr. Garner's death.

Given the blatant apparance, through video evidence, witness testimony, and a coroner's official report that Pantaleo's actions directly contributed to Mr. Garner's death, this decision represents an unacceptable miscarriage of the Staten Island Judicial System, and gross misconduct by Prosector and District Attorney Dan Donovan.

For a great summary of the issues surrounding the grand jury practice and its flaws, please refer to this blog post:

As such, we the citizens of the United States, demand that Governor Andrew Cuomo appoint a Special Proscutor to seek justice for Mr. Garner and his family, by the powers granted to him under New York State Executive Law § 63 (2).

A video of the incident in which Mr. Garner is killed can be viewed here:

Officer Pantaleo clearly assaults Mr. Garner using a chokehold (a method of apprehension prohibited by the NYPD), continuing to restrain him despite Garner's exclamations that he cannot breath. The official coroner's report lists the cause of Garner's death to be compressions of the neck, and the autopsy revealed that compression to the chest, and “prone positioning during physical restraint by police” killed Garner.

Eric Garner's death was ruled a homicide in the autopsy report.

As with any tragedy wherein one human being takes another's life, nothing we can do will bring Eric Garner back; his wife and children, along with all who loved him, will bear his loss for the remainder of their lives, and his absence will always continue to be a tragedy in and of itself.

What we can do is continue past Dan Donovan's Grand Jury farce to seek justice against the man who illegally and carelessly took his life from him.

The power rests with the Governor to ensure that this case goes to trial. I encourage you to contact him directly and echo this petition's request. You may do so here:

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