Reopen Wombean Caves Road

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NSW regional communities have suffered immensely over the past few months.

Unprecedented bushfires caused untold destruction.

Record rainfall then caused even more damage to already battered communities. 

Now COVID-19 means that those regional areas cannot recover due to a lack of domestic tourism. 

This is why it's important that the NSW State Government needs to step in and fund the repair of Wombeyan Caves Road which was severely damaged by the record rainfall earlier in the year.

Australians want to help affected regional communities once travel restrictions are lifted by touring these areas and spending their money to help rebuild their communities and businesses and put them back on the road to recovery. 

Wombeyan Caves Road is a well know and travelled road by day trippers who are the lifeblood of the surrounding communities. 

The local government does not have the resources to carry out the necessary reparation works so we need the NSW Minister to step in now and ensure this road is open for business once travel restrictions are lifted so these battered communities can start to rebuild. 

Acknowledge the importance of this road, create jobs and give the local regional communities every chance possible to recover.