Protect our patients. Stop the Parramatta Light Rail going through Cumberland Hospital.

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SCRAP THE PARRA LIGHT RAIL GOING THROUGH OUR HOSPITAL:  Genuine fears for mental health patients at risk of walking in front of a passing tram is among some of the concerns raised by nursing staff at Cumberland Hospital, the largest acute mental health campus in Western Sydney, about to be cut in half by a new light corridor.

We are:

Nurses and other Unions, Carers, Consumers & Families, Environmentalists, Mental Health Advocates & Historical Groups


We want the light rail be stopped or re-routed and we want the Cumberland Hospital redeveloped with an increased capacity for the future and the historical lands, open spaces protected for community use.


Mental Health is in crisis in our rapidly expanding society. We are the largest and most complex services in Sydney. We are being undermined, eroded and ignored by the Ministry. We wish to preserve the public green space of the campus as an important historical site and all buildings to be built to contemporary standards to ensure future generation’s access to expert mental health care. We believe the safety of the community and it’s most vulnerable citizens is at risk if we don’t act now……..