Legalise Electric Scooters

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In less than two years Electric Scooters have become the fastest growing mode of transport ever.  Over 100 million journeys have occurred with an average of 30% replacing driver only cars.  Electric scooters are environmentally friendly, safe and fun for serious commuters. 

Around 30% of Australian journeys are less than 5 km and 50% less than 10 km, the perfect distances for electric scooters, bikes and other personal mobility devices.

Australian State Laws make electric scooters illegal everywhere except Queensland.  They are also illegal in the UK where this video is seeking to get them changed.  See the UK video here - it's equally applicable to Australia.
UK Legalise It - Electric Scooters Ben Fox Music Video

Without State laws, illegal scooters are being imported and used with risks to riders and costs to health systems.

Legalising electric scooters will provide quality control and enforcement regarding which scooters are allowed, meet Australian safety standards and design rules.  Once legal, scooters and their riders can be insured to reduce and limit public health costs.

Queensland's Personal Mobility Device/Rideables laws should be adopted by all Australian State and Territory Governments.  Australia needs consistency in new mobility laws to be globally competitive.

The Queensland laws are common sense, have been in force for 6 months and are functioning efficiently.  The laws are Queensland-wide and support all forms of personal mobility devices - whether privately owned or rented.  They can be viewed here,

Australia's State and Territory Transport Ministers - adopt Queensland's laws and bring 21st Century mobility options to Australia.