Better Bus Services in Botany Bay

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Why have Bus Commuters suffered changes to their routes without any consultation.  Some commuters have to catch 3 buses to travel 7kms or walk or wait to get a bus to the city.   

Since the introduction of the new timetables so many buses have been cancelled with no reason causing even longer delays  for commuters to catch a bus.   Why are the buses not timetabled to match in with the train timetables?   Also a set of lights need to be installed at Mascot Pedestrian crossing to allow the 307 to maintain its timetable.  

We would like community consultation.   Our :Local Councils are saying that it is not their responsiblity so we are asking Andrew Constance - Minister for Transport to listen to bus users concerns.   We are not getting enhanced travel like everyone else in the Light Rail areas!   We are having our routes reduced and our trips cancelled! There have been over 400 trips per month removed from the Botany Area.   We can ONLY travel by  bus and we are now being severely inconvencienced by these thoughtless changes.