Extend Riverdale Equestrian Center's Lease Through September

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Recently Riverdale Equestrian Center (REC) was notified that their lease was being terminated early and that the facility would close before May 30th, 2014. Negotiations are ongoing with a new vendor who is not expected to take ownership until September.

REC serves the NYC community in many different ways, and an early closing of the barn would negatively impact the community. The following would be affected:

Students - REC is the only equestrian center of its caliber that is accessible via public transportation. It is the only place that advanced riders can go for appropriate instruction without commuting out of NYC. It also serves many beginning riders that would not otherwise be able to commute outside the city limits. It provides after school programs, summer camp and a working student program that allows riders to work at the barn in exchange for riding lessons.

Therapeutic Riding - REC is the base of operations for Flying Manes Therapeutic Riding which provides the therapeutic benefits of riding to individuals faced with physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges. The horses used in this program are provided by REC and these animals are an essential part of the team that helps each rider. Some of the riders are very attached to the animals that have helped them and closing on May 30th would not allow these riders to complete their current session.

Horses - The horses housed at REC need the care that is provided by the staff. It would be extremely difficult to find homes or alternative stabling if the barn was closed.

Staff - REC has a staff to support the facility and provide instruction and this staff has family and lives to support.

There is no transition plan that has been communicated. Because the instructors and horses have ties to the community, it makes sense to allow them to provide services until the new vendor takes over. It is also the hope of many of us that the new vendor would consider employing the current instructors to provide continuity to the community that REC currently serves. It is also hoped that the school horses would also find homes with the new vendor.


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