No styrofoam boxes at restaurants

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Replacing styrofoam boxes is a good first step to becoming a cleaner, healthier society. Styrofoam cannot decompose and it contaminates our food. If you would like more reasons they are explained in this link:

The point is not to cut all plastic products today but just a small step. 

If we could get restaurant chains to cut their use of Styrofoam boxes we could be in the path to a healthier tommorow. 

This petition is starting with Andrew Cherng the CEO of Panda Express. I love Panda Express but I hate to see them use styrofoam plaltes on their to go orderes ... Feel free to contact me with more CEOs who's companies use styrofoam. 

I would much prefer a restaurant without Styrofoam and I think many of you would as well.

Thank you for reading and I hope you sign!