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Endemic Corruption throughout the Countries Police Forces needs to be addressed forthwith.

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There are far to many innocent people in this Country being found Guilty in Courts of Law, due to corrupt Police Officers lying on Oath, hiding crucial evidence and coaching key witnesses.  Considerable corruption evidence is now coming out in the Media highlighting Senior Police at Command level involved in serious breaches of integrity and honesty which is having grave consequences on the lives not only of the accused but their families as a whole.

There appears to be a clear ethos by Corrupt Police Officers to get the accused at all cost regardless of investigating the cases with integrity, honestly and impartiality. 

All Chief Constables/Senior Police Officers/Rank and file need to understand they are not above the law and they will be charged with offences if they lie on Oath, perjure themselves, conspire to hide or lose key information to protect themselves.

All Police Officers should have to declare whether they belong to a 'Secret Society' such as the Freemasons, so should Judges and MPs.

We supposedly live in a Democracy and have Freedom of Speech and therefore all citizens have the right to be 'Innocent until proven Guilty' rather than 'Guilty until proven Innocent'.  Far too many cases where miscarriages of justice are coming to light are being raised and those responsible for bringing the case against the accused who have proven to lie on Oath walk away free.  This is totally wrong and the people of this Country deserve better.

Theresa May the Prime Minister states that she wants to serve all the people of this Country equally, well we are asking that no Police Force should be able to investigate themselves.  A totally Independent Unit not linked to any Police Force should be formed to ensure total impartiality and honesty when carrying out Investigations of corruption within the Police Force.

At present it is incestious that Police Constabularies, their Professional Standards Branch, the IPCC, HMIC, Ministry of Justice, Home Office are integrally linked and cover each others back. Instead of fighting for justice and ensuring they rid this endemic corruption which is destroying the basic principle of democracy in this Country due to Police Corruption which is running amok at present.

The Police Reform Act has caused serious concerns for the people of this Country,  it clearly is there to protect bent coppers who appear to quote in spades relevant paragraphs which enable them to hide behind the regulation and dismiss investigations.

TIme for change, we need total visibility and accountability throughout the Country's Police Forces and we need a Charter that protects the people of this Country against serious Corruption by Police Forces.  Finally, we need a law to ensure, be it even if you are a Serving or Retired Police Officer, if evidence comes to light that shows Police Officers were involved in corruption they can be charged and processed through the Courts of Law like all other citizens of this Country. No Police Officer should be allowed to retire when evidence comes to light against him which needs to be investigated, due to the fact that he might be involved in corrupt practices and may have conspired to pervert the course of justice.

I seek from all law abiding citizens in this Country your support with this petition, there are far too many decent people being seriously harassed, intimidated, persecuted and their human rights breach by far too many corrupt Senior Police Officers in this Country.  It's time for a revolution to bring justice to all people who have to face corrupt charges and make all Police Forces accountable for carrying out their duties with honesty and integrity.

 Your cooperation and support in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

kindest Regards

Paul Pendlebury 







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