Do NOT Cut Down the Trees in Lovegrove Avenue

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City of Bunbury and Bunbury Primary School want to allieviate peak traffic  congestion in Lovegrove Avenue, Bunbury, by adding 14 more parking bays to the street in doing so will be spending a large amount of Rate Payers and Tax Payers money.  As part of this process, 6 trees estimated to be +50years are to be cut down. 

The friends and residence of the Lovegrove Avenue and surrounding areas have NOT been consulted throughout any of this process and the first notice and only notice they have been given was received on the 20th Janurary 2014, with a response period of only 10 days, stating that work will begin in April 2014.  

While the friends and residence of the Lovegrove Avenue of the street are NOT opposed to allieviating the traffic congestion during peak times for safety concerns, they do feel that:

1) The friends and residence of the Lovegrove Avenue ARE to be involved as part of this process from the beginning.  To date there has been no consultation.

2) the trees are an important part of the street landscape, heritage and history and should be at the upmost priority that they be saved.  The trees are not diseased and not causing interference to powerlines, which are located on the other side of the street.

3) That the plans for the drainage be changed so that new drainage will be moved behind the trees, along the existing foot path.

4) That the proposed changes to the street will cause more traffic to an access lane that is to be gazetted as a oneway street, The residence feel that this is unsafe as the access lane is less than the required  width, and children regularly play in this lane.

5) Because the parking is required for peak periods of 15 minutes in the morning and afternoon, that overflow parking be provided on the adjoining school oval which has more that enough space for 15+ car bays, this in combination of lowering parking times to 5 minutes in a number of parking bays close to the school.   Both the City of Bunbury and the School (WA Education Department) are spending a large amount of both taxpayers and ratepayers money on only 15 parking bays that is only going to be used for a low percentage of the year, the rest of the time they are empty.  A better use of existing resources is required.

6) That the exising Kiss and drop point be enforced by school staff to prevent parents from parking and waiting there for their children. 


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