Bring Recycling Back in Ipswich

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Did you know Australia and America have the highest environmental impacts than any other countries in the world? 

Recently the Ipswich City Council has decided to halt the current process of curb side recycling (the yellow bin). This comes as a consequence of China refusing to take an estimated 1 million tonnes of waste from Australia a year. So where does this 1 million tonnes now go? Well the Ipswich City Council and soon to be other Queensland and National Councils have taken it upon themselves to stop recycling all together so everything will go to landfill! 

As, a city (and potentially country) this is a huge area that is now not following basic recycling procedures, which, will have detrimental consequences if  recycling isn't re-introduced or replaced with another efficient form of recycling that is more cost effective, as soon as possible! 

It is understood that this is what the council is currently discussing, however, what's done in the meantime? The waste keeps pilling up? Oceans become more polluted? The air becomes more polluted? 

I urge you to sign this petition in hopes of helping Ipswich to try and catch back up and not continue to take steps backwards.