Bring back the we used to love 2!

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Dear Andrea Pezzino (founder of,

We, the folks at, veterans and newbies, have asked you and Freakinware to bring back what was once a good game., a game released on July 29, 2015, has already been a major contender for the glorious Since the game's launch, more and more problems have arisen and have not been resolved because of the lack of dedication you have in the project (which you started).

Some of these problems consist of:

♦ Price of equipment is very high.

♦ Outdated Boost.

♦ Requirements for high TAG (youtuber).

Here is a little of what we, the community, would like:

♦ Reduction of the price of equipment and new bonuses in equipment (something new)

♦ Better Boosts.

♦ Increase of daily quests and new achievements.

♦ Coin rate higher.

♦ Integration of animated Skins customized for players.

♦ Triple-Coins at the weekend.

♦ Release of LvL 89 and new potions.

♦ Option to sell event equipment.

♦ Clan system:
LvL for clans As the player is playing for a certain time in which way less Private Rooms was gaining honor, With that honor he was raising the Clan's LvL and gaining rewards for each up.

As a result of their responses, the community has never been so dead. Many well known players in Europe, Americas. have left or are in the process of leaving the game due to their decisions.


Listening rather than neglecting is a great way to revive the community. We're not saying there should not be more promotions, we're just saying we'd like to get what we wanted for a change. As the community is dying quickly, players are migrating to lower bound lobbies (Level 59 and below), which means you are losing money to the point where hosting your servers will lose your money.


Please make a difference.

Thanks for reading,


Waite and the community


        Bring back the we used to love 2!

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