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Dear Andrea Pezzino (Founder of,

We the people of, loyal and new, request you and Freakinware to bring back what once was a good game., a game released on July 29 2015, was once a great competitor to the all glorious Ever since the game's release, more and more problems have arose and have not been dealt with due to the lack of dedication you have to the project (which you started).

Some of these problems consist of:

  • Poor anti-teaming detection
  • Lack of staff which leads to cheating in tournaments
  • Faulty 'Contact The Developer' page
  • Poor skin monitoring

Your response to the communities problems are:

  • Removal of FFA tournament, then reinstating it (back and forth)
  • Removal of game modes
  • Creating more gear
  • Creating more potions

As a result to your responses, the community has never been as dead. Many well known players in Europe have left or are in the process of leaving the game due to your decisions. Creating more gear and potions is not a solution to our problems, may it benefit you.

Instead of neglecting and ignoring your loyal customers, you should listen to what we want, instead of what you just want.

Here is some of what we, the community, would like:

  • More active staff, if not - the complete closure of FFA Tournaments
  • Removal of Legendary Potions
  • Removal of Red Virus Seed in FFA Tournaments
  • The reinstation of Party Mode, Death Match and Hardcore Mode
  • The reinstation of 4-way Guild Wars

Listening, instead of neglecting, is a great way to revive the community. We aren't saying that there shouldn't be anymore promotions, we are just saying that we would appreciate being given what we wanted for a change. As the community is dying rapidly, players are migrating to the lower-bound lobbies (Level 59 and below), which means you will be losing out on money, to the point where hosting your servers will lose you money.


Please make a difference,

Thank you for reading,

Best regards

Bigjaws and the community

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