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George dreams garden is a dream shared by many lovelies (George Michael fan) that can solve any arguing about Tribute Garden born in Highgate when George Michael, idol for millions, passed away on December 2016. Thousands of Lovelies from around the world are going there to pay their respect and leaving little tributes (words, candles and flags) but there are some people there (supposed fans in contact with his family) that are using it for their personal spotlight (what George hated the most). So we ask to all Lovelies in the world to support this dream so that his family can decide to change a sad place in a place full of flowers and fruits trees, dedicated to George’s songs and to his BRILLIANT ART AND HEART OF GOLD. No more graves on that ground but living nature. It would be great if George’s family could create a fundraising connected with this Dreams Garden (clean, tiny in British style). George would appreciated a lot! Thank you! 

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