Get Bon Apetit out of Andrews University vending

Get Bon Apetit out of Andrews University vending

October 6, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sebastian Prohaska

Bags of chips that cost $2.50, Salsa jars for $7.00 - it doesn't have to be this way. Andrews University's contract with Bon Apetit Management Company requires that ALL food be sold through Bon Apetit. Andrews stipulates that they recieve a percentage of profit on every item, a requirement also made on Bon Apetit's end. This creates a situation where items are at least 200% more expensive than they would be normally.

Contracting out for quality food service is logical. The meals are repetitive, but generally good. But the cafeteria is NOT the gazebo - chefs don't prepare cheetos. There is no reason why Bon Apetit should be involved with vending machines and gazebo items. 

The ten year contract was resigned recently against the will of many students. Everyone talks about lowering prices. University Administration actually "agree" (but don't go further). Senate and Student Association have had meetings with Bon Apetit for years now, to no avail. It has become apparent that there won't be change without a clear signal to the university that we've had enough.

Students will engage in a cafeteria boycott until Bon Apetit and Andrews University agree to not double charge us. What does a 'World Changer' really look like? Sign this petition to find out.

Call and demand change now:

Provost Arthur : 269-471-3404

President Andrea Luxton : 269-471-3100 

Bon Apetit General Manager  Linda Brinegar : 269-419-1630

University Communication: 269-471-3322


Support now
Signatures: 71Next Goal: 100
Support now

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