Save the bay Tris Klissies

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This is a worldwide appeal to save one of the most beautiful and magic bay of the Aegean Sea, Tris Klissies, located right at its heart.

The Greek Government has allocated a grant of € 6.996.500,00 to the Company “Ios Marina SA”, owned and headed by Angelos Michalopoulos, a Greek businessman, in order to study the creation of a marina for 175 yachts to be built in the bay on public land. In fact, the coast line belongs to the Greek State for a broadness of 20 meters. This mean the total and permanent destruction of the bay with the construction, on the rocks, of a wharf.

There are two ways in which you can contribute to save Tris Klisies:

. by signing a petition to the Greek Government against the granting of the permission to build the marina. We shall soon provide the appropriate channel for that;

. by visiting the Bay next Summer and approach the Ios Major in order to express your opposition to the project;

. by becoming member of the Association “Friends of Tris Klisies” which aims, among other goals, to raise funds worldwide in order to take part into the future auction, and possibly defeat Mr Michalopoulos’s attempt to buy the remaining 50% of the land which belongs to the white house. In fact, without the full possession of these 18.000 square meters of front-line land, it is not possible to build the marina. The control of the white house has therefore a strategic value in the battle to save the Bay.