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Reform the Education Systyem!

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Our education system is broken! Why?

1. We learn nothing about how to live! Cooking, Investments, Taxes, Property, nothing! We also do not learn how to protect our self. In life, there will be no teacher you can tell on, we need to learn how to defend ourselves in a way that is not saying "please, will you stop?"

2. We need to learn to think globally! Think beyond the western world, think beyond Canada. Think global, that is the only way we can grow! Powerhouses like India, Russia, China, and others should be countries we learn about, in the not too distant future they will all rise above the USA! Thi means in history: world history by G.7 this means in Geography: global relations, not CANADIAN relations! Come on, Canada is tiny, we need to learn globally. Right now, we focus only on First Nations until G.11- not good! There is only so much about First Nations we can learn.

3. Scrap or reform French, it's pretty useless. French, with only 200 million speakers and very little importance is long overdue for a change! I propose we learn Chinese, the language with the most speakers by a lot and the most economic and global importance only behind English! 

4. Students are not allowed to ask the teacher why. Why can’t I do this? Why is this rule here? This is not good. If a teacher can not explain or the student over-argues them then they have no grounds to enforce the rule. Being able to question authority and the status quo is important in our society. I’m not saying students should be rude to teachers, I’m simply saying teachers should offer explanations when giving instructions and rules. This “because I said so” teacher is not a good one, yet is so common these days! 

5. Starting in middle school, it’s marks marks marks. I will stay up until midnight studying for a test, ace the test and then forget everything! This is too common a scene, and it is not good at all.We need to stray away from this mark based learning thing and stray to this learning based thing. I don’t learn for marks I learn for knowledge should be the attitude, especially from teachers. Topics must be reviewed throughout the year and teachers must communicate that learning is for knowledge and not marks!

6. Much of grade one to six is wasted. We do nothing, just play around and students are hit in the head hard when they get to grade seven. The foundation for math (solid math rules, good number sense) English (framework of writing, good grammar) and Science (simple biology, simple Chemistry, rules of science) should all be learned so the student is prepared for middle school, so s/he is ready for middle school (many kids are struggling right now because of being poorly prepared by teachers in G.6)

7. Our curriculum is so social justice oriented! Children know six different types of marriage and sexes before they know what an asset is! Social Justice is important, but other stuff is a lot more important! Our English teacher teachers us more gender equality thenEnglish! Get back to Academics, and Social Justice will have to wait as honestly, it's not that important. We are being brainwashed into a social justice abyss by the leftist's Liberals who are trying to drill social justice crap into our heads. Stop!

8. Honestly, 60% of our teacher doesn't want to be there. They teach without passion, and it is evident they do not care about the students. Our unions are being so overprotective that many, not all teachers spoil themselves like crazy in there and they have so much job security they can do whatever and they know they're union will protect them! If we make the teaching environment more competitive, then maybe the teachers will take more initiative in teaching!

If you agree with these points, please sign and fight for our students!


Thanks, Andre

- Student in Gr. 7 in the TDSB

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