Squash Bill H.R. 5087- assault weapons ban of 2018

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This petition is being created to let our U.S. representatives Ted Cruz and John Cornyn  know how Texans and also people across the country (USA), Fill about H.R. 5087- assult weapons ban of 2018.

This Bill is being presented and as you read it you will see they have targeted almost every single semi-automatic weapon pistols included. I am asking my fellow Texans and Americans to please stand with me and sign this petition to tell our representative and whole entire congress that we reject this bill, and we reject loosing our rights of Americans and that we will not turn in our weapons nor will we let them be taken from us.

This is our God given right as Americans, if you are a veteran you have served to protect these right, that we have lost brothers and sisters how died fighting for these right. as well as our founding fathers. wrote this law to protect our rights to bear arms and not have that right to me infringed on. So I ask you to put all differences aside and come together as my country men and sign this petition to let our government know we will not take this and we will go down fighting.

After this petition is done signing I will be going to Ted Cruz's office first i have to be screened by his staff and if I make it through them I will get to meet with Ted Cruz personally.

Andre' T Gerard

American Patriot

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