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As the black lives matter movement has made its mark in recent news coverage there has been a plethora of other injustices regarding human rights that have been floating around the Internet.

What is femicide? Femicide is the murder of a woman or young girl particularly by a man because of her gender. This has been an issue around the world but is currently most prevalent in a country just south of the border. Mexico.

In 2019, over 970 cases of femicide were reported but those are only the ones found. Women have been found in garbage bags, limbs and heads have been disposed, and photographic evidence of these murders has floated around the internet.

Currently, the strong women of Mexico have been protesting for months in the streets holding signs saying “I don’t want to die”, carrying garbage bags filled with pillows that are tied to create the illusion of a body bag, and drenched themselves in fake blood to make the issue known.

“The number of Mexican women who were victims of femicide has been continuously rising at least since 2015, when only 411 such cases were reported.” (Statista)

By signing this petition we demand that the young women and girls who have been wrongfully murdered find justice and that their murderers be held accountable and receive proper punishment without bail. By signing this petition we demand that as a global community we work towards creating a world where equality between genders is not a matter of opinion. By signing this petition we demand that men and women are raised equally and are held to the same standards.

Please sign this petition and share it in as many places as you can. Every name that we gain on this petition will be a woman or girls life saved.

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