Increase COMAR and INM’s budget in order to help refugees and migrants.

Increase COMAR and INM’s budget in order to help refugees and migrants.

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Iniciada por Naomi Cervantes

Last year’s economical and social crisis due to the pandemic, resulted in our country having the highest rate of asylum applications, with a total of 90,314 people attempting to get to Mexico. All of them trying to begin again, expecting a better life quality and a community where they can exist with dignity.


From the entirety of the applications, only 24,432 cases were solved (including the ones with a positive, negative and complementary protection resolution.) It is also important to mention that, according to the annual synthesis created by the “Unidad de Política Migratoria'', there was a 55.7% decrease in the number of permanent foreigner residents in Mexico.


The “Comisión Mexicana de Ayuda a Refugiados” (COMAR) and the “Instituto Nacional de Migración” (INM) are the institutions in charge of ameliorating those circumstances.


Taking those facts into account, it can be easily seen that the Mexican government needs to improve their efforts on trying to address such topic, thus, the proposition and objective of this petition is to:


  1. Increase the governmental budget destined to the institutions mentioned above.
  2. Improve their infrastructure by doing any necessary modifications and their personal by the implementation of audits and capacitations.
  3. Create a better organization system together with the administrators of the institutions in order to ease the application and admission processes.


We firmly believe that by doing so, international agreements would be fully complied and therefore, migrants and refugees human rights will be guaranteed.


They have a life in which circumstances drastically changed and, like you and me, hope for a better future. Every action counts to make the difference in the lives of many people: for you it is a small effort, for them it is an entire turnover in their future.


It is time to create, together, a culture of solidarity and empathy.

Thank you for signing the petition. Use the hashtag #AHomeForAll and share this request.

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99 personas firmaron. ¡Ayuda a conseguir 100!