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Andie's Law

Our goal:

Our goal is to ensure the safety of every man, woman, and child in their daily lives. To prevent bullying whether it be at home, school, work etc.

Who is Andie:

Andie is a wonderful, young woman who herself has been the target of bullying based on her medical conditions. She has decided, even though as hurtful as their words and actions are, to turn their
negativity into empowerment. This is why we are here. To stand united and put our foot down on bullying.

Our definition of bullying:

The act of knowingly causing harm to another individual. Intentionally inflicted harm includes emotionally, physically, or both on any means of communication in any setting. Whether this
takes place as a group exploit or individually is a serious crime.

What we propose as "Andie's Law":

We are well aware that the states all currently have some form of anti-bullying statutes in place. But we'd like the following to be added to these.

Many bullying laws reflect actions taken on school grounds or adjacent to school grounds. If you want to make a change, you need to realize that bullying doesn't just take place at school. Who is to say that someone doesn't send an intimidating text message to another student from their home and neither are near school grounds? That is still bullying. That still has negative effects on the victim.

Under "Andie's Law", we suggest offenders be ordered to pay restitution for what they did. To try these cases seriously. Depending on the content have them prosecuted to the fullest extent. Make the punishments more serious. We do want to make it clear though, money doesn't make a person whole. These acts chisel away at a person's being.

Secondly, in addition to paying restitution, we feel as though the offender(s) should have mandatory community service. Allow the victim to choose where this work will be carried out from a list created by each county. Let the victim actively take part so they can begin the journey of healing.

Finally for the time being, there needs to be implemented a policy for repeat offenders.

In conclusion:

We behind "Andie's Law" take bullying very seriously. We see it everywhere we turn. One united voice can make a difference. It is time we speak up. Everyday people fall victim to these cowardice acts. Now is the time to do something about them.

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