Visakhapatnam - "The City of Destiny" or "The City of Doom"?

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Day in and day out, people commute to different places for different purposes. The affordable choose their own transport and the rest use public transport system. Now this public transport system has become a problem, especially for "THE CITY OF DESTINY". Is the city of destiny destined to be doomed?

Visakhapatnam, called as "Vizag" with love, is a beautiful city to live in. The aura of Visakhapatnam is unique and feels like we are in the lap of mother Earth. The greenery, the beaches, the freshness in breeze, the evening showers, the hills and what not else the city doesn't have. And yes, the city is fast growing in all potential ways. So is the population too. The rapid increase in transport system(both public and private), is actually increasing the pollution levels. The change is already evident. One important thing we can certainly do to curb the pollution is to take advantage of CNG/LPG based vehicles as the mode of public transport. The city's public transport, buses and auto rickshaws, uses conventional diesel engines which cause high levels of pollution. And the number of auto rickshaws in the city is marching towards an uncountable number. Time to switch to CNG/LPG based vehicles before it is too late.

It is nothing new. This was made possible in some cities. Cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Delhi had already implemented CNG/LPG based auto rickshaws, taxis and buses as the mode of public transport system. Even Vijayawada has CNG buses and auto rickshaws. Why can't it be the scenario for "Visakhapatnam". 

 Let's join our hands to voice the feeling of the public and let it reach the ears of the government, so that the government would take initiatives and implement actions to save this city. Let's be the change to bring the change. Let's save the city before it becomes too late like other cities. Let's call in for the "Green" in not just in environment, but in transport system as well. #Green Is The New Yellow. Shift from conventional diesel fuel based vehicles to CNG/LPG based vehicles.

It's not too late, but it can be. So choose, whether Vizag should be called as “THE CITY OF DESTINY” or “THE CITY OF DOOM”.

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