Anderson County Coroner's Office: Change Jennifer Lee Whitmire's cause of death from suicide to homicide and investigate her death.

Facts and all evidence in Jennifer's case show that in fact her death was not a suicide. Jennifer in fact tested negitive for GSR. Jennifers finger prints were not found on the gun found at the scene. The gun was found in a shoe box. No suicide note was left. Jennifer was found in her underwear. Rope and an open bottle of baby oil was found inches away from where Jennifer was found. Jennifer had no signs of depression. It appeared that Jennifer was studying for drama class moments before her death. Teachers and classmates interviewed said that Jennifer was in fact one of the happiest students at school. I feel that Anderson County Coroner's Office rushed their judgement to suicide . They listed her cause of death on January 1, 2012 but GSR and finger prints were not processed until March 15, 2012. Jennifer was found shot on September 13, 2011 and died the following day.

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