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Ban Shit Talents like Nouman Khan and Dhinchak Pooja

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We are destroying our own career. Our parents money is getting wasted. Because we chose to hide our own talents and cover them up by making untalented shits famous, richer and more successful than they deserve.

Today, it's important for all of us to realize where we really are heading towards. And it's also important for you to know that WE ARE FUCKING HEADING TOWARDS OUR OWN DESTRUCTION ! 

I do respect everyone's right to do whatever they want to do. But what people like dhinchak pooja and Nouman Khan are doing is not less than a torture. These people think they are trending and getting famous because they're good at what they're doing. They don't have any idea that they're just being mocked and are known for their stupidity. Is mocking others fun ? You fucking retards help them trend for the sake of tagging ur little shit friends and cover up the good things on internet that may lead us to a better life.

She is more famous and successful than you ever will be. And bet you can never beat her. You people tag ur shit mates just because it sounds "cool"? Bhai saste Nashe karlo... that's far better. She has turned so crazy that she openly confessed that Zac Efron was his crush and declared that he'd accept her stupid proposal. Criminals in India walk free because justice let them. And these shitheads are successful because talented people contributes to their success.

We engineers work hard for 4 years after spending millions on our education and even then get a job unworthy of our talent.. that merely gives enough earning. We live our whole life in debt. On an average an engineer gets an annual package of 5-6 lakhs. And here she is earning more than what we ever will. And for what ? For shouting in the name of singing? I deserve better, U deserve better. Cuz we paid for what we want. Think. Choose wisely. We already have Bhai fans, Trump supporters and such shit talents. We can't afford anymore.

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