Please Ancestry could you show shared dna matches under 20cM

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On Ancestry Shared dna matches under 20 cM do not show in the shared dna match search feature.     This means that you have to message your DNA match and give them the names of your high dna matches.  They then have to search for each dna match individually.  This is the only way to get information about dna matches you share. 

 It is very time consuming.  However doing this has provided breakthroughs in research.      It means you can tell each other whether you connect via your paternal or maternal side.  It is particularly helpful for adopted people,  where dna can be the only avenue that will provide answers for them.

Obviously this would put pressure on the search engine,   so I suggest it be a user selected option  not a default setting.   Our own dna matches under 8 cM will soon not show to us on ancestry.     Among my own Dna matches under 8 cM I have a lot of known cousins in lines where Grandparent, Parent, child and Grandchildren have all tested.    Oddly although I have a low cM match with the Grandchildren I have a very large shared segment.

Ancestry is a great tool,  but this not showing shared dna matches under 20cM means everyone has to download their raw dna data from ancestry and upload it to My Heritage, Family Tree DNA or Gedmatch in order to be able to achieve this.

Ancestry could you please consider installing this feature