Ancestry Fix Your Website

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Myself and others have been complaining about the technical difficulties on Ancestry all year only to get the same response to clear cache or change browser & the constant denial that there’s anything wrong with their site.

The search in DNA has not worked for over a year and I was told it was a known issue but yet a year down the track it's still not fixed.
The constant error messages, pages not loading, the general name search doesn’t work properly, pages telling me to sign up or upgrade, plus many other problems.

I pay a lot of money for my subscription each year and I expect to be able to use the site without all the technical difficulties.
I am totally frustrated at the lack customer care from Ancestry.
What we would like is for Ancestry to firstly acknowledge that they have technical difficulties that have been impacting subscribers for a considerable time.
Secondly for Ancestry to make a genuine commitment to take immediate action to fix their long standing technical difficulties.