Ancestry Data for Black Americans

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Many African Americans who are descendants of slaves have been orphaned from their ancestral roots due to slavery and migration after fleeing persecution in the South. Because of systemic and economic injustice, many African Americans cannot afford to purchase an ancestry DNA test that costs more than a hundred dollars for each person. After centuries of being part of a lost generation, it is with great urgency that African Americans are given the opportunity to explore their cultural roots and trace their lineage before the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

To support this cause, it would be most beneficial for African Americans to receive free ancestry DNA testing offered by biotechnology companies such as 23andMe and Providing free testing will help to address the age old injustice of cultural and ethnic deprivation. I strongly believe it will also help in addressing generation trauma that many African Americans have inherited. 


This petition is to bring awareness to the companies listed and those who have a capacity to make a change.