Petition to Support Transit-Oriented Development!

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I am writing to support the proposed Framework Element amendments to the city’s Comprehensive Plan that call for more transit-oriented development, especially along our Ward 3 corridors.  Denser communities typically have more stable, and thus more resilient, retail environments. Increased density is more environmentally sustainable, reducing residents’ carbon footprint through more efficient use of energy and getting people out of their cars and walking to neighborhood retail for their everyday needs.

We can and should do better than one story buildings along our commercial strips served by transit, like Connecticut Avenue in Cleveland Park where the community would be better served by building up

I encourage you, the Commissioners of ANC 3C, to support the rewrites of the Framework Element that:

  • call for more transit-oriented development, especially in our area;
  • envision some new or re-development in our historic areas; and
  • recommend growth along underutilized portions of the Wisconsin and Connecticut Avenue transit corridors.