Bring Abouna Pavlos Home to Australia - where he belongs

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With the permission of Anba Tadros, I am making this petition to bring home our dearest Father Pavlos who established our St Shenouda Monastery in Sydney. 

Sydney has lost a great asset to our church. His love and fatherhood was felt among thousands of our congregation - evident in:
- The thousands that visited the monastery when Baba Shenouda was here (God repose his blessed soul)
- The dozens that drove hours every Sunday to attend the mass at the monastery
- The hundreds who used to serve the monastery in so many ways with so much enthusiasm and pride
- The countless others that I have forgotten to mention

And so I plead with you, sign this petition and share it in order to bring home someone who has been missing from our lives for far too long. 

We beseech you, Your Holiness, bring our father home. You have done so much already by sending us the blessed Anba Tadros to rectify all of our issues and he has done so so much for our church in so little time. We are beyond grateful and thank you for having mercy on us and showing your Fatherly love. We ask you to continue providing love to your sheep of Australia (specifically Sydney) and bring Abouna Pavlos home to us. We understand, there may be issues in bringing him home to his Monastery, but bring him to our churches, bring him to establish a new monastery and watch it flourish as the days the monastery used to be. Bring him to back to Sydney and watch the donations come in to re-establish a new monastery.

Our Coptic Church of Sydney is in desperate need of this. Our children need to feel what we felt when we were children in order for this church to grow. It will bring a whole new spiritual revival to our church which we so desperately need. This is what our church needs. Please do not deprive us.

Thank you for your genuine concern and for listening to our plea.

Disclaimer: Anba Tadros has promised me this will be passed on to His Holiness and Anba Peter. - Therefore it will be taken seriously, please sign and share!!!