Reunite the grieving families of Queensland

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There are currently strict 'No Entry' regulations for getting into Queensland without a 2 week quarantine in response to COVID-19. Although this is an appropriate safety measure to reduce transmission, there is no consideration of extreme circumstances where isolation poses detriment to the wellbeing of a grieving person. There are "Exemptions" into Queensland on offer however, the sudden loss of both a daughter's parents isn't reason enough to be allowed into the state without 2 weeks of isolation alone in a hotel room. The devastation of a family and the immense pain of losing the most dear and wonderful people a family has is not reason enough to come into the state, even if you're a Queensland resident.

My grandparents were killed in a car accident on the 13th of September. A family torn apart, kept apart thanks to the unforgiving process of  quarantine "exemptions". I don't need quarantine to be skipped altogether however two weeks of isolation, negative COVID test results or not, is subjecting someone to a great injustice and is denying them the support they so desperately need.

Unfortunately, similar stories are frequently heard about with no action taken. Loved ones are forced to sit idle in pain and the lost to lay in a freezer until the government is satisfied. Despite those requesting exemptions testing negative to COVID-19 and despite coming from a place like the ACT or Newcastle with no cases for almost 60 DAYS. It is shameful and inhumane. The applications for exemptions are being knocked back with no consideration into the circumstances, no risk assessment and no empathy. Queensland has lost it's humanity. Locking a person up as if attending a loved ones funeral is nothing but a voluntary holiday is cruel and unnecessary. Sign this petition to change the border pass restrictions.

Sign this petition if you think a person has a right to grieve with their family.