Save Karwar Beach From Becoming A Concrete Stretch

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I am Karwar Beach, I am also called Rabindranath Tagore Beach.
I have seen you all grow up playing on my shores, enjoying the cool wind &and the crispness of sand.

Today I need your support because I am at risk. Sign this petition to save me from becoming concrete.

I have always given you a company at your good and bad times.
I have seen you walking on me every morning for good health.
I have seen you spending your evening with friends and loved ones.
I have celebrated Holi, Eid and Christmas with you.
I have given you a shelter to cherish all beautiful moments of your life.
I have given you company irrespective of your religion, caste and creed.
I have never asked which political party you support

Today, I am begging you to save me so that your children and grandchildren too can create memories with me just like you. Sign my petition

I urge you all to come together and save me from becoming concrete.
I want to remain how I am.

#SaveKarwarBeach #SaveNature