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Petitioning Member of Parliament, Bangalore South Shri. Ananth Kumar

@AnanthKumar_BJP: Take a stand against the proposed amendment to the RTI Act #SaveRTI

Our Members of Parliament (MPs) should know that their voters want them to take a stand against this amendment. If people start signing this petition and demand our MPs to take a stand against ameding the RTI Act, we will be able to create huge pressure on them. And if enough MPs take a stand against the amendment, we will be able to save the RTI Act.

Letter to
Member of Parliament, Bangalore South Shri. Ananth Kumar
Dear Shri. Ananth Kumar,

Sub: Please oppose the amendment to RTI act

As a responsible MP it's your duty to ensure that politics remain transparent and clean.

As you know, off late Indian govenance and the government policies have hit the rock bottom in terms of honesty, good governance, corruption and statesmanship. Government has lost his credibility in the eyes of the common man. The political parties and the politicians are facing more severe criticism.

The RTI act has been a powerful tool for the common man and since its introdcution it has been a tool to fight corruption and misuse of the political and bureaucratic power.

We are now hearing that the Governement is thinking of passing amendments to the RTI act to counter the CIC order declaring the political parties should be considered as public authorities under the RTI act.

We, as citizens of India, empowered by the RTI act, demand that the act should not be amended. The Act has given the common man to monitor and utilize the services of various eshtablishments in this country. Any amendment to the current RTI act would not weaken the empowerement of RTI but also weaken the participation of democracy.

I am confident that as a responsible MP and a BJP leader, you will recognize our demand and stand against the amendment of RTI in the Parliament. Thereby, you will uphold the power of the common man and empower him to participate in the democracy.

Take a stand against the proposed amendment to the RTI Act.

Looking forward to your action,

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