Vogue India, commit to include models of all body sizes in your features. #NoSizeFitsAll

Vogue India, commit to include models of all body sizes in your features. #NoSizeFitsAll

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I was a star kid! I was the one in school, who mustered the courage and walked up to the stage to recite my poem. What I remember from that day, is a hundred people laughing at me.

I learned how to swim when I was 5. Vacations, championships, free periods, give me one reason and I would jump into the pool. Years went by and the time came when I put myself on a scale of perfectness. I was at the far end of being large. All of a sudden, I was to wear a "frock style" swimsuit if at all I managed to ignore all the hoots and laughter and decided to swim. Instead, I decided to stop swimming until many years later.

At the age of 12, I excitedly entered the first ever mall in town. That day I sobbed to sleep because there was NOTHING in the kid's section, that could fit me

Most of us grew up being conscious of our bodies. It may be the color of the skin or our hair. For me, it was the size of my body. I am fat. If you plot me on the scale of "perfectness", I am at the far end of being large. Take a look at yourself. Is there something you are conscious about? Now think why.

I want Vogue India to do a cover story on different body sizes, especially large-sized bodies. Include men and women of all body sizes in their features, so that young people today, grow up celebrating their bodies, instead of hating them. Vogue_India is already working towards shifting the narrative around bodies, around colour, around stereotypes and I feel them taking this up, has the potential to really shape a discourse which is more diverse, more inclusive.

Our BMI charts do not calculate our happiness or our ability to succeed. Let us find the courage to love ourselves! 

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