Help save an equine center from becoming a parking lot !

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A mega entertainment center OC Vibe in Orange County CA , proposes to demolish the Anaheim Equestrian Center for an over fill parking lot.   The plans already support two parking garages!

During the pandemic crisis this news is most unsettling and insulting to Equine and animal lovers. 

The proposal is presented by H & S Ventures, a venture capital firm owned by Henry and Susan Samueli. The Samueli family owns the Anaheim Ducks, and the management companies for Honda center and the stables.  The Mega project OC Vibe will span several years and change the area footprint. 

OC Vibe is presented  as a sports center, with housing and entertainment. Isn't Equestrian riding an Olympic sport? Couldn't the center be included ?

The stables has been in place for over 40 years. It has been a special part of the OC, it promotes training programs, horse care education, aspiring equestrians, therapeutic riding, trail riding, day camps and family fun!   

.The dream of the equestrian center as stated on their website: The stable and equestrian center are a vital asset to our city and provide a balance to city life .... we want to preserve our current location for the benefit of the community along with preserving our unique location adjacent to the OC trail system. 

The dream is about to be plowed for a parking lot. this is despicable. 

  • We are asking the Anaheim city council and Mr Samueli to work on an alternative plan that could include this sport that many love so much.
  • The stables could use some repairs and the management team under Mr Samueli has done little to promote the business or make improvements. No doubt part of the master plan to displace owners and horses for commercialization and to make more money.

On a personal note for the boarders ; It is emotionally upsetting on many levels but  it is difficult to find homes for over 60 horses in Orange County especially during COVID 19 and we worry where some horses will end up. We are not billionaires. They have  given us until Dec 2021 before we are evicted and demolition begins.         Help us raise awareness!  It is my great hope that the plans for its demise can be reexamined with the confidence that this valuable resource to the community can be realized, saved and function alongside OC Vibe.