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The Anaheim police department already have four review boards. The ACLU is attempting to hinder a struggling police department by adding a fifth review board.

Letter to
Anaheim City Council Member and Mayor Tom Tait
Mayor Pro Tem Gail E. Eastman
Anaheim City Council Member Kris Murray
and 2 others
Anaheim City Council Member Jordan Brandman
Anaheim City Council Member Lucille Kring
This petition is to ask that the City Council Members for the City of Anaheim California to vote AGAINST a fifth Police Review Board.
Currently there are four review boards
* Anaheim Police Department Internal Affairs
* Major Incident Review Team (MIRT)
* Orange County District Attorney and the
* Orange County Office of Independent Review (OIR) (The five Board Supervisors on the OIR are ELECTED BY THE VOTERS.)
The City of Anaheim also has an existing Community Advisory Board and Chief Welter has been meeting with the community for more than seven years now.

Currently the Anaheim police department is made up of 345 sworn officers and they are short 55 officers. A fifth review board is unnecessary and will just be another tax on the citizens of Anaheim.
These are facts that should help you decide to vote AGAINST a fifth review board.
• The city of Anaheim covers 53 square miles and with more than 343,000 residents, it is also one of California's most populous cities.
• Anaheim is also a major tourist spot. It is home to the largest convention center on the West Coast, Home of the Angels Baseball, Ducks Hockey, The Disney resort and countless other venues and events. This amounts to thousands of visitors on a monthly basis.
The Anaheim Police Department dispatches about 25 to 28 officers to patrol a 53 square mile city with 353,000 citizens, thousands of visitors and still keeping tabs on approximately 25 gangs and countless gang members.
The Anaheim Police Department need additional officers and resources, they DO NOT NEED a FIFTH review board. Entertaining the ACLU about adding a fifth review board to an already struggling Police department is deplorable.

The ACLU is filing a ridiculous lawsuit due to the justified shooting of a documented Gang Member. Manuel “Stomper” Diaz was justifiably shot and killed after a foot chase with the an Officer from the APD. From 01/01/13 - 3/31/13 there have been five homicides and counting. Where is the outrage? Where are the protesters now? These protesters are on the WRONG side of the law. They won’t speak up against gang members because their friends and family members ARE the gang members.
Is Mayor Tait willing to take a chance at furthering his career at the expense of the citizens and businesses of Anaheim?
According to his “taitformayor” page he stated…
• As an Anaheim Councilman, I voted to increase police patrols… As your Mayor, I will continue that strong commitment to providing our police with the tools and resources they need to successfully do their jobs.
o How is adding a fifth review board adding to the success of the Anaheim Police Department? Adding a FIFTH review board will only hinder the very department he claims to be “HELPING.”
• He also stated: ”For the most part, police respond AFTER a crime is committed.”
o Response to crimes would be shorter if the city of Anaheim would provide their Police Department with additional resources and monies to hire more officers.

Keeping all the citizens of Anaheim happy is, unfortunately, impossible.
The ACLU has many followers who wish to remain blindfolded to the facts.
I implore you to NOT back down to the ACLU, Mayor Tate must be the backbone for the law abiding citizens of Anaheim, make the right decision and do not back down to the ACLU.
Continue to Back the badge and give the Anaheim Police Department the dignity and respect they have duly earned.

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