Suspend UW Greek Row Students Involved in Partying/ Large Gatherings

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UW Greek Row has chosen to show time and time again their blatant disrespect and disregard for both the UW community and the greater Seattle community. As students at the University of Washington, we are tired of witnessing privileged students continually partying without any sort of repercussions.

It seems ironic for fraternities and sororities to come forward and stand in support of Black Lives Matter. They continue to host large gatherings, accelerating the spread of COVID-19, while they know Black and Indigenous communities have been hit the hardest from the pandemic. 

The gathering we all witnessed this past weekend was not a one-time occurrence, when in fact they have been continuing to participate in this behavior since the start of this pandemic. They have continued to endanger the lives of both other students and our most vulnerable members of the community. This is why the participants on Greek Row who continue to disrespect community guidelines deserve some sort of repercussion. 

We ask the administration of the University of Washington to academically suspend the students involved in the party that occurred on Greek Row this weekend. It's clear that Greek Row does not care about public shame, so let's move forward with action.