Do not ratify the Mercosur Trade Deal

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To An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar


We the farmers of Ireland call for the Irish Government and you to not ratify the Mercosur deal.

Suckler farming is not made up of large scale companies or corporations but small scale family farms throughout this nation. Farming is not only the backbone of our agrarian nation it is accountable for 2% of GDP, we generate billions not just for rural Ireland but for all of Ireland.


Agriculture has kept rural Ireland alive, for every euro generated by farmers ¾ of that is returned to the local economy, we are the people who keep quiet places alive, we are the people who are the custodians of the environment and we are the people who ensure that rural Ireland does not die but now with the threat of Mercosur the EU seeks to put the spear to us.


For too long Ireland has had to grin and bear it when it has come to international politics but now you seek to end a way of life thousands of years in the making.


We have farmed beef because our lands are best suited to it, we have complied with every law and regulation and we farm in harmony with nature and the seasons to allow cheap meat to enter the EU not only destroys our industry it further destroys the worlds natural wonder of the Amazon, puts more people into modern slavery to work on the beef farms of Brazil and pushes cheap unsustainable meat with a huge carbon footprint on the consumers of Europe.


Our farm groups, elected representative and thousands of farming families call on you to not ratify this deal to act on behalf of our people and help us in the fight to protect our livelihood.


Together the farmers of Europe must have their industry protected, not just for us but for the environmental protection of our natural inheritance of this earth.