An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of India on CBSE Paper Leak

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Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

I have all along supported you and thought of you as a man of decisive action. I voted for you. For I have thought you are the much awaited future this country was waiting for decades, only to break the hysteria of dejection that was left behind by the dark ages of corrupt UPA regime ruled by the scions of Nehru-Gandhi Family.

Having said that, I am sure it is not lost on you that you are perceived to be the strongest Prime Ministers India ever had. But I see no reason why you are breaking the trust millions entrusted upon you. I wonder, after all, what it takes to a stature like you to allow such a miscreant level of indiscipline prevail under your nose.

Whether it is Vijay Mallya or Nirav Modi, whatever the fig-leaf your office (PMO) may try to hide behind, the fact remains at the very least, you were napping – for a very long time – as the country was being looted under your guard. You promised to be the honest security guard, of highest integrity, but I am sorry Mr. Prime Minister. You Failed. It was you under your watch that the thieves emptied the coffers and fled our country.

But much of this by now is well known, well established by various media publications and it is not regarding these issues that I write this letter to you. For a man of personal integrity, I have been rather disturbed by recent #CBSE Paper Leak and #SSC Paper Leak. For this reason, with all due respect Mr. Prime Minister I have for you, I am unable to rejoice much at your personal integrity. I write this open letter to share my concerns and pen down my reaction for the shrewd, highest level of incompetency by your own government, in particular the response of Education & Human Resource Minister, Mr. Prakash Javedkar.

#CBSEPaperleak now affects nearly 2.8 million students, young bright future of our great country. #SSCExamLeaks too promises to destroy the dreams of millions. Today, students are forced to watch their hard work go down the drain. And you know what shattered me the most? When a press meet by the Education & Human Resource Minister, Mr. Prakash Javedkar begins with a focus on communal tensions in West Bengal instead of addressing the issue of the CBSE paper leak.

Mr. Prime Minister, our kids want a future which is better than their current status. For we have innocuous ambitions. We don’t ask you for distant illusive dream of “ache din”. We only demand a fair and clean education and exam system. Sir, this is the least a citizen in the 21st century can ask from the people in power. The consequence of failing to provide this is jeopardizing not only the future of our kids but also shadowing the future of our nation.

Earlier, there have been reports of leakages of Aadhaar data and the news of leakage of personal data of social media users for unscrupulous manipulation of minds by playing on peoples likes, dislikes, fears and hates, which political players use to devise propaganda strategy to nudge the gullible towards a particular view point. However the #CBSE Paper leak exposes the failure of highest academic institutions and an absolute abdication of the authority by the HRD minister and CBSE Chief.

Successive governments have lacked the will, intent and vision as regards to take decisive actions against the incompetency of our academic institutions or ministries. Today also, barring empty slogans, there is zero action taken by you against the HRD Minister or CBSE, for it was their sole responsibility to prevent the exam leak in the very first instance. We are now looking at your poll promise turning into our worst nightmare.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, I quote “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Sir, this an opportunity to radically transform the education system and impact millions of dreams which can change the course of history our country will forge. It is the time you act decisively and show the right direction to the nation. Take action Mr. Prime Minister. Let the #CBSEExamLeak and #SSCEXAM leak be set as an example. Let the Education Minister and CBSE Chief face the brunt, that the responsible will be held accountable. That one cannot be shielded when playing with the future of India. I request you to walk the talk. It is only there for the asking. It is an opportunity to impact our future. Either, you seize it or fail us. The Choice is Yours, Mr. Prime Minister.

Yours Sincerely,
Arun Agrawal
A citizen of India