An old website dying, needs moderation!

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Tengaged's 10th birthday will be arriving soon, and for the past 2 years, we have been without moderation. Little kids have to deal with pornographic images and possible predators seeking them out.

Moderation would not only keep the site clean but restore it to its once fun self where people didn't have to worry about being blinded by these sometimes disturbing images.  

The reasoning for the site being without moderation, because the owner who goes by the screen name "randomize" or Carlos, does not put enough dedication and effort into fixing simple things. He had been on hiatus between October 2015 to March 2017, and when he had made his return, he planned big things, which of course excited many people into thinking there would be change. He had made updates, small ones that could be considered wasting time, as he was fixing things that no one had a problem with, rather than dealing with the real issues such as finding a solution to how he could fix moderation.

If we can reach at least 500 signs, then I think he may see that not only is his little community still alive but he is wasting a great opportunity by holding this site back.


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