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Unless you're an HOA insider or you've had the misfortune to experience the dark side of a Homeowners Association, you probably have very little knowledge about the HOA Industry and the "BIG BUSINESS" organizations that prey on homeowners.  

In 2015, some 338,000 Homeowners Association (HOAs) operated in the U.S., generating about Eighty Five Billion Dollars in revenue, that's BILLION with a "B".  This is an insane amount of money, and thanks to greed and a lust for power, it attracts some unscrupulous people.

In the HOA realm, some of the key power players are: Attorneys, the Community Associations InstituteDevelopers, the National Association of Home Builders, the Urban Land Institute, and the National Association of Realtors.  

These organizations / individuals are cashing in on the HOA Industry and making millions.  All work diligently to influence the legislature, enhancing the rights and powers of developers and the corporate HOA entity while severely limiting the private property rights of homeowners.

Homthat live in these self governed communities are easy prey. You see, In Kentucky, governance within a Homeowners Association is organized under corporate law, and therefore not currently required to be bound by Constitutional law.   To put it simply, if you live in an HOA, the Association Board gets to act as Accuser, Prosecutor, Judge and Jury.

For residents living in an HOA, the United States Bill of Rights does NOT apply and homeowners have minimal protection against corrupt HOAs and the corrupt attorneys that represent them.

All too often, Board members abuse their positions, some of their violations consist of abusive governance, discrimination through selective enforcement, conflict and abuse of the legal system, erosion of property and privacy rights, all causing much unnecessary stress that adversely affects the health and safety of Kentuckians.

More disturbingly, "ROGUE" board members commit IMMORAL, INDECENT and CRIMINAL ACTS against fellow homeowners, acts that have absolutely nothing to do with enforcing or upholding the CC&R, all while hiding behind the corporate veil of the HOA.  And thanks to those "Big Business" organizations I mentioned, there are either no laws, or very weak laws to hold ROGUE board members accountable.

To make matters worse, in Kentucky, Homeowners Associations are classified as a "private entity" versus a "public entity".  This classification means that no matter how many HOA complaints the Kentucky Attorney General receives, the OAG considers an HOA complaint a "civil matter" and refuses to protect the public from corrupt HOAs.

This loophole leaves the homeowner with the decision to either be victimized by their HOA or spend thousands of dollars out of pocket to legally defend themselves.  Amazingly, the aggrieved homeowner is simultaneously paying for both the prosecution and the defense at the same time. 

Further, the attorneys get paid - whether he or she wins or loses a case - so it’s not uncommon for an association attorney to take on a patently frivolous or clearly unwinnable case in order to rack up substantial fees.

For the attorneys, it's all about making money, for ROGUE board members, it's about bullying and placing a financial burden on the homeowner, a tactic the HOA uses to cause harm to the homeowner.

The articles / publications, videos, broadcasts and analysis posted in this petition help explain the ins and outs of this corrupt industry. The article, "HOA Gravy Train" (at the top of the page) explains it in very simple terms, how it all started and how it became a cash cow for dishonest and corrupt individuals.  One of the statements in the article describes what homeowners experience as - "a Life Destroying Event". 

No one should ever be victimized - and -certainly not by an volunteer HOA board member, aka: your neighbor.

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"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men (and women) do nothing" - Edmond Burke.

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Donna Cooper

Old Taylor Place

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