Independent North-East (India)

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The People of North East India i.e. Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland,Tripura,  (And probably Sikkim too) have been facing problems and oppression from the Central Government of India. Several Lives have lost their life and families as well as relatives. For several generations they and their ancestors have faced more and more of these disastrous problems at a tremendous rate. They and their offsprings have done their limits to fight and resist against the Indian oppresive wars. Nevertheless, success isn't very easy as long as we stick to them.

Geographically, culturally and naturally we are very different and unique which easily separates us from them. However they forcibly took us by surprise and have turned their backs on us even though they claimed that they provided us opportunities and help. Stating all the wrong doings and deeds will have an endless list which is never a happy thing to do. The Conclusive solution is to leave us alone not by passing some developmental bills but kindly grant us Independence from your Land. Your place doesn't deserve us neither do we.

We strongly demand an Independent North East Country where we will unitedly construct a Democratic Constitution by the people for the people. All these bills shall protect and develop us which we dreamt. These are only a few of the huge initiatives which we shall implement and enrich in order to survive as well as excel in this World. We'll try and work our best to make sure we outshine India.

Independent North East, Our only dream.