An Independent Enquiry into Commonwealth Government and Political Corruption in Australia

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Whilst working in the Australian Public Service I made complaints of criminal conduct committed by middle and upper management within two different agencies. The offences committed are serious criminal offences such as Abuse of Public Office, Misrepresentation, Attempted Fraud, Perversion of the Course of Justice, several breaches of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 and Lying on Official Commonwealth Documents to name a few likely offences.

The complaints were covered up by the agencies themselves.
I made a complaint to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) regarding a breach of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 which they would not investigate as they advised the offence attracted a sentence of 6 months imprisonment and they decided their resources were best allocated to investigating offences attracting a larger sentence.

I made complaints to the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s Office, however, they advised they would investigate some administrative aspects only.

I made complaints to the Federal Minister of the agency I was working in at that time, Stuart Robert. Robert advised that I should refer the matters to the AFP and the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s Office, which I initially advised him I had already done.

I advised the 12 Commonwealth Senators in Queensland of the situation, given at that time that the cover-up of these matters constituted systemic corruption. The few that replied advised me to seek the assistance of the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s Office, the AFP or the relevant minister.

I advised 148 of the 150 Federal Members of Parliament. (I did not advise Stuart Robert and Susan Ley as they were under scrutiny for separate matters at the time). The few that did reply referred the matter to the agencies mentioned.

I made further complaints to the AFP regarding other offences that had been committed that, if substantiated, attracted imprisonment terms of 10 years each. I advised I had substantial evidence to support my allegations. The AFP advised that they had been in contact with the agency and the agency had advised them that the matters had all been investigated and were finalised. This is not true.

Regardless of how many times I have made complaints to the AFP, even through the previous and current commissioner, they refuse to take these complaints.

I have made complaints through the current and previous Australian Public Service Commission commissioners, who have both declined to investigate any of the matters.

I have made complaints through the commissioner of the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s office and also the commissioner of the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity. They have declined to investigate the matters.

I have advised the current and former Prime Minister of these matters on several occasions with no assistance given.

The cover-up of these matters has cost the Australian tax-payer a large sum of money thus far. The intention of this petition is to rally those that are responsible for the investigation of corruption within the APS to have:

1. The AFP investigate all the complaints in full with a proper, professional and thorough investigation, in conjunction with and overseen by, an independent panel of qualified civilians with a special interest in criminal investigations, such as a retired judge, a Lawyer etc;

2. Investigate how this matter was covered up by all the agencies and people that are employed to investigate such offences and make recommendations to the AFP for further investigation and referrals to the commonwealth prosecutions office; and

3. An enquiry based on the findings of parts (1) and (2) with recommendations so that this abuse of justice and waste of tax-payers money does not occur again.

I have attached documents that evidence a part of my efforts to the persons and agencies above to have these matters investigated.

Thank you for your support in advance.

Ken Carroll