An improvement in Canada's Public Transportation System

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Our services in public transportation are lack luster. No city in Canada managed to get on the top 10 on transportation issues. Montreal ranked the highest at 12th place, followed by Calgary at 13th place, then Toronto at 19th place and lastly Vancouver at 21st place. Montreal the highest ranked city in Canada was only given a C in transit system quality. My goal is to communicate the importance of focusing even more on improving public transportation to Canadians and the government. By improving the public transportation I mean, I would like to show the government that we need to make existing public transit more convenient. Some inconveniences that I would like the government to acknowledge and try to improve is the additional 20 minute commute time on public transit when compared to personal vehicles in Vancouver and Toronto. Other cities have similar issues, but it is the worst in Vancouver and Toronto. Also, I would like to communicate to the government of Canada how the loud trains are very inconvenient for communities at night. Based on the Canadian plan known as Transportation 2030, the middle-class Canadian citizens will be affected the most. The reason they will be affected the most is the future transportation systems will be molded to meet their criteria. Environmentalists in Canada will also have their needs filled because Transportation 2030 is planning on creating and supporting environmentally friendly forms of transit. Transportation 2030 is something Canada is doing to improve the transportation systems across Canada. I believe we should put more focus on plans like this, rather than make it unknown. For example, to just find the article created by Transport Canada I needed to go through multiple other threads of information. I believe that if the government put some more focus on transportation we would all see a huge difference in things like better commute time, higher quality, and a more convenient system. These are things that current public transportation riders need to deal with every day. I use public transportation and know many others who use public transportation, all of us have these same issues. I am sure others who need to use public transportation face similar issues as well. I believe that if we invest more in our transportation systems and improve things like more buses or modern facilities, we would see a difference. Canada needs to set standards for quality of public transportation, these standards could easily be based on population size. For example, a hamlet would require fewer buses then a city like Toronto. This way every hamlet, town, or city would have a standard for public transportation that is suitable for there population, Obviously, the only limitations that should occur based on population are the size of the different types of public transportation. Finally, the main purpose of this petition is to see how many people want to also see an improvement In Canada's transportation system.