An Honest Fan Review of the DCEU to Warner Brothers and Zack Snyder

An Honest Fan Review of the DCEU to Warner Brothers and Zack Snyder

11 September 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Honest DCEU

This is in defense of #RestoreTheSnyderverse petition and also in defense of all the good DCEU movies that are being thrashed. I am writing this to bring to the attention of Warner Bros once more if they haven’t realized it yet, that the Snyderverse fan base is not a random bunch of aggressive people just blindly praising a franchise and it’s director nor just a bunch of auto bots (Exactly what a bot would say right? No, we aren’t all bots). Please bear with me while I explain. I have a lot to explain but very little time to rephrase it concisely. I’m still putting it out there even though it's a Work In Progress petition, hoping it will bring a change to the DCEU for good before it’s too late. I will keep updating until it's complete.

The DCEU started with Man of Steel in 2013 and it’s been 9 years since. We’ve only got a bunch of good movies that fans seriously enjoyed and were really memorable. We’ve had a lot of time to rewatch all DC movies and actually analyze them. I’m just going to be brutally honest here and name the ones I think are really good and have a great impact on fans. I also know for a fact that this opinion is shared by a lot of the fans.

Here are the DC movies that made the most impact in my opinion:

  1. Man of Steel (2013)
  2. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
  3. Suicide Squad (2016)
  4. Wonder Woman (2017)
  5. Joker (2019)
  6. Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021)
  7. Birds of Prey (2020) maybe

Yes these consist of 3 movies by Zack Snyder himself. And no, he’s no God, nor is the best director ever. His movies aren’t perfect. They have a lot of flaws. But despite the short-comings his movies are some of the best we’ve got so far. They are the most memorable ones with excellent cinematography, the best and most intense fight scenes ever (OH the fight scenes ❤️ ❤️), a well grounded tone that perfectly suits the live action DC Universe and amazing dialogues (definitely not all�) that keep the audience glued to the screen and talking about it for years. 

WB has always been looking down on some of their own best films and trying to suppress them. It’s always felt like a personal beef with Zack Snyder (possibly David Ayer too). Obviously we cannot expect fans to remain calm when some of the best films we’ve got so far just seem like they are being discarded for personal reasons. It’s been long enough that we deserve an explanation as to what’s going on with WB and Zack Snyder. We can honestly speak for his films and we know that they are not garbage as a lot of folk at WB try to portray them. They stand out despite their mistakes. Based on the interviews, behind the scenes shots, live streams etc that we’ve seen of Zack Snyder, he seems like a really good person too. He has a great vision for the live action films and does an amazing job of bringing them to life. If WB has a personal problem with Zack Snyder I don’t think they should poke fun at and suppress his astonishing work. 

What's going on right now at WB and Snyder (and WB and DC fans) feels like an Infinity War with no Endgame. Get it? One wouldn't expect Marvel fans to stay calm if that was the case with Marvel. I also urge DC fans not to blindly hate Marvel. They have made really good films and the best interconnected universe so far.

We fans are dying to get great films from DC and we would like to apologize on behalf of the few aggressive fans and bots if they have hampered the decision making of DCs Cinematic Universe future. Honest and genuine Synder fans exist in large numbers. Warner Brothers, please understand that we are not your enemy, and you are not ours (Yet!). Please hear our voices and believe us when we praise your films. We've been asking for the Snyderverse based on what we’ve seen of it so far. We really do want good films ahead whether they involve Zack Snyder or not. But please do give us films that are equally good or better.

Warner Bros. could do so much better if you just gave us really good films as opposed to okayish/boring/non memorable falsely promoted films. Keep us fans happy with good DCEU content and WB won't be plagued with problems anymore. We fans would really love it if we could get Zack Snyder and the Snyderverse back because we can't imagine anything better. I think any potential mistakes/misunderstandings we’ve seen with Zack’s films could and should be remedied without altering his vision too much and we could have the best of the DCEU. Maybe even Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer could keep doing what they did with Man of Steel for future films along with Zack Snyder. But if you could give us something better then we wouldn’t have a problem.

Forgive me for saying this but there are a lot of films like The Suicide Squad, The Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman 1984, Shazam etc that weren't so good and some weren't entertaining or memorable at all. But they were promoted so much and put out to be the "best rated films" that a lot of people blindly believe that the movie is good and further promote it. That definitely doesn’t last long though

For example, I've been to the theaters thrice for The Batman to see if I missed anything. I didn't and in fact I've seen so many people leave mid way while others complained that it was boring. Mind you, there were also a few people who found it great. I will drive deeper into this later on.

Please note, that though I mention a few names like Zack Snyder, James Gunn, Jared Leto, Matt Reeves, etc. and point out what I feel went wrong with their films, I have no hate for them and I may even be completely wrong about it. They are really some of the best directors and actors out there. And I'm sure the sequels will be much better.

I really think it will all go uphill if WB sets things right. I do not have hate for WB either. Not yet at least. It feels like David Zaslav is driving things in the right direction. And Dwayne Johnson has also been trying really hard to set the DCEU straight. Black Adam seems like the start of this��. I love how Henry Cavill stood up for DC as a brand and only makes sure to be in the DCEU if it's being handled well and by the comics. I’m glad Ezra Miller is still part of the DCEU too.


❌ Stop here if you don’t want to doze off to minute details ❌


I think we should make it clear that we are not oblivious to Zack Snyder’s flaws. I may pick on Zack Snyder a little extra JUST to prove that. Sorry Zack, personally I still know you are the best director for the DCEU so far. I’m sure we can pick on any movie and find as many or more flaws if we really wanted to. 

So I’m gonna list everything good and bad with his and the other DCEU movies mentioned above.

The best thing about the films listed above is that all of them have translated the comic and animated elements to live action just as they should be. They are not too cringey for live action adaptations and are more gritty and relatable.


Pros and Cons of the best DCEU movies released

1. Man Of Steel (2013)
As the first DCEU movie, I think this is one of the best openings to a film universe and it had the best casting for the main role.


  1. Henry Cavill as Superman was the best decision made. Henry Cavill is so perfect as Superman. He really brings the character to life. From his style, his voice to his acting, everything matches a live action superman better than we could imagine.
  2. The Clark Kent character was just done just right. It was not too much of a dumbed down version just to show that his dual personality was someone too different.
  3. The action scenes are something I cannot stress on enough. These were some of the best action scenes ever made for a Superman film and for the superhero genre. The intensity of the fights was so eye-catching and bewildering to watch. It’s these types of fight scenes from the Snyder films that make DC stand out from Marvel (Not that Marvel is bad, mind you)
  4. Hans Zimmer should always be the one to create the musical score for DC movies. The music immerses you deeper into the action scenes.
  5. Zod is the best villain in the DCEU so far. Relatable and difficult to forget.
  6. The initial trailers were so simple, that you couldn’t even tell that it was a Superman film. I even started to feel that it’s gonna flop. But man, did it blow my expectations. I was shocked. It made the movie so much more enjoyable. All the best scenes were unbeknownst to the audience till they saw the film. Zack, it would be great if all your trailers were like this.
  7. The CGI and effects were so realistic
  8. The story was extremely intriguing for a Superman film.
  9. Every dialogue in this film was relatable even though it dealt with aliens. The characters were humanized to make it more relatable. Many of us still have some of the dialogues at the back of our minds. They are so unforgettable.


  1. Superman killing in the very first outing felt like a bad decision. Though the scene felt emotional and brought out the reality of Superman's pure nature, this goes against the fact that Superman rarely kills. So the next time GOOD Superman kills someone in the DCEU (if ever) to save the world, fans are not gonna jump off their seats.
  2. Maybe just maybe Superman/Clark if in a more realistic situation would break his "no showing off" promise to save his Earth father of all people from the storm because of his emotional attachment to him. I know it was trying to prove Clark's decision to keep his promise to his father but he later breaks his own rules and kills Zod to save a random family.

2. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

My personal all-time favorite DC movie despite it being the most flawed Snyder film. Zack Snyder really does tell a good story but there are a lot of parts that only made sense when he explained it outside of the film during interviews. If it could be explained in the film it would be so much more enjoyable. Still it had me glued to the screen at all times. It was and still is the most entertaining film even on multiple rewatches. Man of Steel's slightly grim tone was a perfect fit to start this sequel. Most people never complained about it until later because the entire movie was so entertaining that it was difficult to see the flaws. And this happens with a lot of good films. Except that BvS felt like it was targeted. 


  1. The alternate view to Man of Steel's City destruction scene. I loved how it showed Bruce Wayne's perspective as opposed to Superman's in Man of Steel. It was a good explanation for Bruce's anger.
  2. Hans Zimmer
  3. The intensity of the fights in the fight scenes ❤️. Can't stress on how much this makes DC stand out.
  4. Most of the dialogues except you know and some of Lex's dialogues. "Stay down. If I wanted it, you'd be dead already". The entire "Do you bleed?" dialogue and so many more. They just hook you on with the great scenes. And it's not just the dialogues and the meaning they put out. It's the way Henry Cavill and Batfleck execute those dialogues.
  5. The warehouse fight scene. It is by far the best representation of a Batman fight scene. It matched the Arkham Games and was so perfect for a live action adaptation of a fight scene.
  6. The car chase scene.
  7. Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot is an amazing Wonder Woman. Her entrance as Wonder Woman was one of the best scenes in the film. The musical score just made that scene 10x better.
  8. Superman's death scene. Tragic and emotional even though it was only Henry's second outing as Superman. It perfectly showed how selfless Superman could be.
  9. The Flash's warning scene. This is something I didn't understand on first watch. But it made so much sense later. We could really understand Zack Snyder's vision for the future of the DCEU right from here and it felt great. WB, it wasn't Zack Snyder's Justice League that made us feel that there's still so much story left to be told. And no Zack Snyder's Justice League didn't feel like a completion to the story. It was Zack's direction.
  10. The subtle hints and clues that made sense later. Like Batman using lead grenades to prevent Superman from seeing through the smoke. Batman having scars from his earlier fights. The Robin suit with clues of Robin's death. And so many more.
  11. Ben Affleck was a great Batman. His Batman really brought "The dark knight returns" Batman to life.
  12. The Batman vs Superman fight scene though it was too short. It was one of the best things about the film that we definitely needed a lot more of.
  13. The futuristic teases. Like the part where Superman pushes Batman's ribs into his chest.


  1. MARTHA. I've been defending this scene blindly until I started analyzing the films more seriously. There surely could have been a better way to point out that both heroes' mothers share the same name.
  2. It didn't feel like a Batman vs Superman film. The fight scene was too short. It felt so good to watch the start of this fight in theaters and then it resolved back to a normal superhero film where the heroes team up to defeat a villain. Zack Snyder, please give us a proper rematch at some point.
  3. The trailers revealed everything. All the best parts of the film were in the trailer. There was very little suspense left while watching the film. It was still pretty entertaining though. I think all DCEU trailers should stop showing the best parts in the trailers. We wouldn't mind if the trailers just gave us a peek like Man of Steel did so perfectly.
  4. There was no build up to the rivalry for the audience to feel a proper connection or even feel the emotions attached to it. It felt like it was a film released too soon just to compete with Marvel. Please no more shortcuts. DC can do pretty well too if it follows its own style.
  5. In the nightmare fight scene if you pay close attention it felt like just for a small part, the goons were just getting close to Batman and waiting to get beaten up. Still one of the best fight scenes.
  6. Lex Luthor wasn't so good. Jesse Eisenberg didn't seem like Lex Luthor. His dialogues were cringey and hardly made sense. I had a feeling this would be remedied in upcoming films. Maybe in Man of Steel 2��.
  7. The villain felt boring and unmemorable. Man of Steel did Justice with Zod. But Doomsday felt like a villain who was added at the last moment to extend the movie's run-time.
  8. There were a lot of parts that could have been explained better to make more sense. The ultimate edition kind of took care of it but this should probably be handled in the theatrical version itself.

3. Suicide Squad (2016)

This was actually a really good movie. It was dark, gritty, funny and entertaining at the same time. The theatrical version was still really good. I didn't find anything that bad with it. And I don't understand why some people thought it was bad. I know a lot of fans want the Ayer Cut and I'm sure that would be a better version of the film. I look forward to it although in this case I'd understand if WB didn't want to spend more on a movie already released to focus on the quality of future DC projects provided they give us that. Also I think the soft reboot "The Suicide Squad" was not very entertaining and if it were a replacement it should not be considered canon.


  1. It was grounded, dark and funny and light-hearted at the same time. This made it super entertaining.
  2. The cast were the best. Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is one of the best castings in the DCEU. She really deserves as much praise as Henry Cavill gets for bringing their comic book characters to life. All the other cast like Will Smith and Viola Davis were amazing too and I hate that some of them will killed of at the start of "The Suicide Squad (2021)" non nonsensically.
  3. The entire soundtrack is just the best. You can hear it here.
  4. Batfleck and Ezra Miller's the Flash cameo's.
  5. The CGI and Effects.
  6. A different take on the Joker. Jared felt like he really could be a great Joker.
  7. The actions scenes were thrilling.
  8. David Ayer. Mentioning him here because he's a great director that I haven't mentioned enough.


  1. Jared Leto's Joker felt like a let down. Don't get me wrong, Jared Leto definitely could be a really good Joker if he had a longer well written scene. Also people now expect standards to be at the level of the best Joker's on screen namely Heath Ledger's Joker (the serious version), Jack Nicolson's (not so serious version) and last and probably one of the best portrayals yet Cameron Monaghan's Jerome Valeska (the best of all the versions of the Joker character). Someone please let him play the Joker again���. #CameronMonaghanAsJoker
  2. Shakira.... I mean the Enchantress. This is the first example of a bad way to bring comic characters to life. We couldn't feel the connection. A dancing witch as a villain? That's a big let down. I'm sure that wouldn't fit so well in the DCAU either. Also not a memorable villain.


----------TO BE CONTINUED----------


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