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Deutschland sagt Nein zum Tiermorden e.V

Apr 19, 2013 — to the dog catcher / authorities in Brasov Romania: Stop the Killing!

Petition of Germany says no to animal killings e.V
In memory of a friend killed by the dog catchers of Flavius Bărbulescu
"A life is nothing, but nothing means as much as a life"

Nemo was a dog with a skin as golden as the chestnut leaves in autumn, alive with a white muzzle and eyes like mercury.
Nemo was the only dog I always realized in each box and in each state, he was the only one still image in outlandish kaleidoscope of the shelter in Stupini where dogs appeared and disappeared like ghosts. I've seen it dozens of times, in all seasons, swimming in mud, shivering in the snow, I have wet, dirty and exhausted saw him, emaciated to the bone, I have seen him recuperating and also bleeding, wounded in the legs, to the nose, the tongue. Not once, during the more than a hundred "Goodbye" Nemo has forgotten to jump to the kennel rusty grating, hardly expecting to lick us or to bury his white snout int