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Texas SB 602 Closing Austin State Supported Living Center

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The Texas Legislature is in session for the 85th Regular Legislative session and a bill has been introduced to close/consolidate State Supported Living Centers in Texas. A similar bill was defeated in 2015 and we must now fight again to protect our loved ones. 

The language of SB 602 doesn't adequately show the impact of closing these State Supported Living Centers. The economic impact of Residents of Texas who are employed at these Living Centers will be swift and vast.  These are some of the most overworked and underpaid employees on the Texas Payroll and their employment will cease if SB 602 passes. I, personally have observed that the Employees of the Austin State Supported Living Center truly care about their Residents. 

My Aunt who is in her early 70's is deaf and IDD and is on the Autism Spectrum. She has resided at the Austin State Supported Living Center for over 41 years and has had the same roommates in excess of 20 years.  Bobbie has the freedom to roam the 95 Acres of the facility. Daily rides on her adult trike to the commissary and activities with her roommates in the community are the highlights of her weeks.  She holds two part time jobs in the community that she does with pride. Her dorm is always immaculate and sparkling with cleanliness. 

My elderly Aunt would not be able to survive in the community. Her communication skills are very limited and can not be left alone in public. Our fear is that moving her into the community would increase the risk to her personally and would extremely reduce her freedoms. Due to her communication barrier, elopement potential and hearing issues Bobbie would require a 1-1 staff ratio in a group home environment. She is one of thousands who would lose their homes and place in their community at the whim of State Government. The Economy is tight but should these cuts be made at the expense of others who can not stand up for themselves.  

 The media is focusing on the rights of those who enter our county legally and illegally but what about the rights of those Texas Residents who are mentally and physically challenged.  Who will stand up for them?  

Now ask yourself if these centers close where will the Residents reside.  In your neighborhood, on the streets, in your City.  Will you be able to personally assist these displaced Residents?

My Aunt is only one of the many residents who reside in a State Supported Living Center. Currently there are 13 State Supported Living Centers in the State of Texas and the centers provide campus-based direct services and supports at the locations below

Abilene State Supported Living Center
Austin State Supported Living Center
Brenham State Supported Living Center
Corpus Christi State Supported Living Center
Denton State Supported Living Center
Lubbock State Supported Living Center
El Paso State Supported Living Center 

Lufkin State Supported Living Center 
Mexia State Supported Living Center 
Richmond State Supported Living Center
Rio Grande State Center
San Antonio State Supported Living Center
San Angelo State Supported Living Center

The state supported living centers serve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are medically fragile or who have behavioral problems.

By signing this petition you will be personally sending a message to the Texas State Senators that have authored (listed below) and are sponsoring SB 602 of your/our opposition to this bill.

Finance Committee

Sen Brian Birdwell   

Sen Chuy Hinojosa

Sen Charles Schwertner


Health & Human Service Committee

Sen Charles Schwertner


Vice chair of Nominations Committee and given a seat on the Education and Transportation Committees of the Senate

Donna Campbell

 After speaking to the staff of the Author and Co-Authors of this bill they are great proponents of moving the physically and mentally handicapped into the community. No explanation is giving of funding, guidelines or guaranteed protection of the physical and mental well being of our precious family members.

By signing this petition you will be sending a message to the authors of SB 602 that you care about those who can not speak for themselves and we will hold them personally responsible for the health of the Residents and for lost employment of some of the very employees that put them in office. 

There is no way I could ever make my Aunt understand why her life would turn upside down. Please help protect our valued family members!




Lori Warren    Friendswood, Texas

A very concerned Niece









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