An apology from Pope Francis

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Martina Dooley
Nov 22, 2021
It would mean a lot to me if someone could sign these petitions. Thank you.

A Muslim-Free Zone for “Kaffirs/Non-Muslims to Live.

International intervention of the Panjshir humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

No, Islam and compulsory religion

PAKISTAN: Call to recover a Hindu girl before she is forcibly converted to Islam

End Forced Conversion of Hindu Girls to Islam in Sindh, Pakistan

No Religion No Caste .. One More Option Please..

Appeal to the govt of Pakistan to update Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act Pakistan

Stop Forced Conversions of Minorities in Pakistan #StopForcedConversions

Kashmiri Pandits lives also matter.


Career Development Training for Orphange Girls

A Plea to President Biden for the Sake of Iraqi Christians and Yazidis

Stop sacrificed meat and Zakat certified products being sold in UK

Free Soheil Arabi,political prisoner detained in Iran's prison

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Elissa Trudell
Jul 1, 2021
EVERYBODY deserves consequences for their actions. No one is exempt

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Syed Ahmed
Jun 29, 2021
I wish people stood up back then. No apology will undo these crimes. We must stand up to this kind of oppression, regardless of whom it is being committed against. There is another active genocide happening in Palestine. I hope we can do something to stop that now rather than apologize decades later!!

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Maryellen Symons
Jun 28, 2021
The Indigenous peoples should not have to wait until their delegation visits the Pope in November. pop Francis can apologize publicly now, and apologize again to the delegation.

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Frank Richardson
Jun 27, 2021
Pope Francis apologize to all First Nations peoples on behalf of your Catholic Church.