Remove and Expel the racist students from Austin High School

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The original video has been removed as the students who made the video are minors.

Recently, a video posted by incoming Austin High School freshman G.S.* featuring other incoming AHS freshmen D.B.* and L.L.* has circulated social media. The video, titled "The G.S.* Anthem", features the girls performing an original rap that includes racist slurs and anti-Semitic language. Considering the recent civil unrest that has swept our nation following the deaths of innocent black Americans at the hands of white people, the blatant racism and bigotry of these white students can not be ignored.   

Austin High School is a school with Austin Independent School District, a district which claims they have a zero tolerance policy for hate speech and racism. Austin High School has been known for allowing racist actions such as the language spoken within the video to slide, but now that there is concrete evidence of their student's horribly racist actions, we must hold both Austin High School and Austin Independent School District responsible for the actions of their students. 

Please help bring justice to the students and community who have been affected by this horribly offensive video by signing this petition calling on the Austin High School principal Amy Taylor ( and the Austin Independent School District Equity Officer Stephanie Hawley ( These students should be removed and expelled from Austin High School. It would be a shame for the school district to not take action considering the pain and upset it has caused the Austin community, especially the Black and Jewish folks who have been specifically targeted by their disgusting language and actions.

*Names have been abbreviated as the students are minors.