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Mandatory Restraining Orders For Severe Domestic Violence Victims

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My moms' friend was abused by her husband. In the beginning it was emotional abuse such as name calling, derogatory language, telling her she wasn't good enough, was useless and that nothing she did was ever good enough. Sometimes I would come from school and find her at our house crying while talking to my mum but I was too young to fully understand why. After a while the abuse escalated to physicality and to cover it up, he hit her in places no one would really see. It was only last year, 2016, that the abuse went too far. They were having an argument at home when all over sudden the husband got very angry and started to beat her up. He took a nearby table and using its metal pole stabbed her in the thigh. The wound was so deep that some metal remained inside and she had to have surgery. It was at this point the neighbors heard the commotion and called the police. The victim went to the police and was given a restraining order to keep her safe while the abuser was accordingly charged. Even more horrifying was the reason he was abusing her, because she was unable to have children. I want people to know that they need to speak up before things get even more worse your voice could save your life. If you see a friend, colleague or neighbor suffereing please confront them, don't let someone silently suffer, we are all human and can relate. Domestic abuse isn't just physical and it can happen to anyone anywhere. To combat this issue I believe law enforcement should enforce mandatory restraining orders against the abusers. These mandatory restraining orders should be issued for physical abuse victims only when there is probable cause to believe that abuse has been committed. A violation of this order should be a felony and a second or succeeding violations should result in a mandatory sanction. Subsequent violations of the restraining order will result in mandatory sanction such as GPS tracking devices. Offenders will be forced to wear GPS tracking devices which will alert police and their victims when they are nearby. The mandatory restraining orders in company with GPS trackers will give judges the jurisdiction of GPS monitoring offenders who have violated orders and may endanger their victims. and have This will be an additional safeguard to the policy of mandatory restraining orders meant to keep victims safe and perpetrators away since movement will be tracked. Mandatory restraining orders along with GPS tracking devices will most effectively address the social problem of domestic violence because it will provide courts with the additional proof of any committed violations.  In order for the enforcement of mandatory restraining orders using GPS tracking to happen more victim would have to come forward and report abuse to the authorities. Whatever the circumstances might be, the simple act of notifying law enforcement officers about domestic violence will help protect the victim, which is clearly the most important thing. This would serve as a reassurance for victims who choose to come forward.

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